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Timeless Pieces Consignment

Transitional to Post-Modern Home Furnishings

About the Owner

Laura's love of home decor and furnishings has been a second vocation for her. She always looked for that special piece that was unique and could be a focal point for a room.

Creating beautiful but comfortable environments was her mantra and her driving force that created her eclectic style. Even as she pursued her professional career first as an Electrical Engineer then as a Finance Executive, she never lost that creative desire....as she found those special pieces for her own home, family and friends.

When shopping for friends and family she recognized budgets will vary but everyone wants quality furnishings. Shopping at upscale furniture consignment stores is the perfect solution!

Driven by her constant desire and friends' encouragement, Laura launched her business combining a love of furniture and design, now--Timeless Pieces Consignment

Timeless Pieces Consignment offers consignment furnishings for anyone seeking to purchase or sell quality, lightly used furniture and decorative accents that may not be available through traditional sources. Timeless Pieces Consignment inventory constantly changes and offers an exciting shopping experience for those one-of-a-kind, finely crafted pieces at bargain prices.